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Here are some Frequently Asked questions that can help you with your product.

How is the MeshProp™ selected for a particular floor thickness or foundation?

Based on various codes, the average Foundation bottom cover is 75mm. The MeshProp™ 65 will Put your bottom reinforcement right there. Developed with some of the most experienced engineers in flooring, we’ve found the most optimal position to place your mesh in a ground floor slab is a third of the thickness from the top. Refer to the Technical leaflet provided below for more information.

Is the MeshProp™ product reusable?
  • No, the MeshProp™ is required to temporarily elevate reinforcement to a particular height. These products are sacrificial as they only serve their purpose in the temporary state during construction.
Why do we place mesh or reinforcement in floors?

Ground floor slabs are designed for flexure from various load types, considering both the positive moments and negative moments induced in the floor under loaded conditions. The primary floor design objectives are to carry the intended loads and to minimize surface cracking. Mesh Reinforcement in Ground floor slabs can be used for either crack control or strength requirements – placed either bottom, top, or both.  The performance of a floor depends on the design, specification and the techniques used in its construction.

Can we secure the MeshProp™ product into position?

Yes, The MeshProp™ can be fixed onto either mesh/fabric reinforcement or conventional reinforcement with fixing wire through the penetrations provided, to secure the product in position.

How do we fold up the MeshProp™ product?

Very easy, you can watch our explainer video or download the instruction manual from the link below.