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Construction System Sales


With a background in construction chemicals and systems, we aim to bring the best available products to the market in this industry. To enter that market with a strong presence, we are pleased to be introducing a fresh, innovative product that has never been introduced before, the all new MeshProp Series.

We have created an easily foldable reinforcement stool for ground floor slabs. This tested product is walkable, durable, stable, and has a minimal impact in various aspects. Putting our expertise to the test, we have engineered this easy to use product to provide a new way to elevate reinforcement, whether it be mesh reinforcement or conventionally placed reinforcement.

This problem of elevating reinforcement at large heights has been a challenge in the South African market due to cost involved in the current available competitive products and has forced an unfounded use of bricks, or bending up stools of reinforcement, which in turn poses risk on the integrity of flooring solutions like DPC piercing, buckling of products, cracking of ground floor slabs, and the list goes on. Not to mention the risk of contractor’s garuntees . We at Struksol® are confident in providing the most technically advanced solution at extremely attractive prices, that the world wide market has yet to be introduced with to date. Our product series caters for heights of 65mm to 150mm in elevation.