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About Us

Struksol® was newly founded in 2021, but by no means lack experience. Together with more than 60 years of experience, our team comprises of founders Conrad Smith & Noel Morel. Coming together from various backgrounds in structural engineering & technical sales, mining & business management, and marine engineering.

Together we are committed to combining our experience and knowledge in the construction industry with extremely innovative technical solutions & systems which cater for the economically sensitive market not only in South Africa, but worldwide, maintaining world-class standards of technicality.

We offer after market technical support along with consulting in various disciplines of engineering. We add value by personal involvement of directors through all stages of a project, bringing the latest technology and products available to achieve the most optimal solution for our clients.

Conrad Smith | Director

Conrad has vast world-wide experience, from supplying mines all over the world with high-end large earth moving plant, to smaller equipment. He has an impressive CV of running a multitude of SME’s across the country.

Noel Morel | General Manager

Noel spent most of his career in the marine engineering industry. He has international training in very specialized equipment utilization. Over 39 years of experience in the industry, from first-hand experience as 4th engineer in the engine room, to head of fitting division in workshops.