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How to specify?

From CAD files to add details to your drawings, to a supplementary specification sheet, don’t worry. We got you covered, We’ve simplified the process for you. 

 To ensure your MeshProp™ is specified in the correct manner, we suggest the following:

(1). Add the detailed section to your drawing, and add the important information to your layouts.

(2). fill out the easy-to-use supplementary specification sheet by following the steps & supply to the contractor. 


It is Important to note the information to specify on your drawings:

  • Refer to application/element to be used in.
  • Stipulate MeshProp™ size.
  • Stipulate MeshProp™ spacing.

Note: add the above on both section and plan layouts on drawings.

PDF specification sheet: 

As a supplementary document to the CAD information, we’ve developed a quick method to specify the product. We’ve made it easy for you. All you need to do is print out the document, fill in the below, and issue to the contractor: 

(1). Select your application. 

(2). State element thickness.

(3). Select MeshProp™ size. 

(4). Notes section for more information I.e. spacing (example: 1.25×1.25m spacing)

Note: Find all downloads here https://www.struksol.com/downloads/