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Struksol® is a company developed by engineers, for engineers. Our services include supply of innovative, high-quality construction products and systems at extremely competitive prices and a vast array of structural engineering consulting services. Our mission is to introduce the world to extremely innovative new ways to aid the progression of construction in our era. Our vision is to get all leading professionals in the industry to remain in the forefront of the ever-changing industry.

Construction System Sales

• Foldable reinforcement stool for ground floor slabs. Can be used for the elevation of mesh reinforcement & conventional reinforcement.

• More solutions under construction.

Structural Engineering Services

• Structural Concrete design, conventional reinforced, post-tensioned, pre-cast, tilt-up.

• Structural steel design.

• Composite design.

• Structural analysis.

• Industrial floors – DC’s, Freezer floors etc.


Introducing  Struksol® a company developed by engineers, for engineers.

MeshProp™ Series

Introducing the all new MeshProp Series to the market. An easily foldable Reinforcement stool for ground floor slabs.